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Projects & Case Studies

Projects & Case Studies

At Atlas Facades, our portfolio is distinguished by a diverse range of projects and compelling case studies that showcase our expertise and commitment to excellence in the construction industry. Among our notable endeavours is the transformation of Issigonis House in Acton, where we revitalised the structure with innovative design solutions and meticulous attention to detail.


Additionally, our work on Morris House in Ealing stands as a testament to our ability to seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, creating spaces that inspire and endure. Furthermore, our involvement in the Great West Quarter development in Brentford highlights our capacity to deliver large-scale projects with precision and proficiency, contributing to the vibrant urban landscape.


These case studies exemplify our dedication to quality craftsmanship, client satisfaction, and the successful realisation of visionary architectural concepts

Issigonis House

Client: Countryside and Shepherds Bush Housing Association

Contract start date: 2021

Completion: 2023

Project type: façade remediation and building refurbishment

Contract value: £8 million

Project Description: Issigonis House is a complete re-cladding of a 135 unit residential building for Shepherds Bush Housing Group and Countryside Properties in Acton as part of their building safety works.

Atlas Facades won the project through a competitive tendering process and worked with the client team collaboratively to fully understand the requirements for the remedial works.

Arte undertook the intrusive investigation, made recommendations and are undertaking the design of the new rainscreen cladding system.

The building had a mixture of rainscreen cladding, insulated render, and curtain walling that was not installed to the current building regulations. 


Morris House

Client: Countryside and Shepherds Bush Housing Association

Contract start date: January 2023

Completion: 2024

Project Scope: building refurbishment including fire remediation and new roofs

Contract value
: £7 million

Project Description: Morris House is a complete building refurbishment. It was built in 2005 and has since deteriorated due to lack of maintenance and the changes to building regulations for fire safety.

Atlas Facades were approached by Countryside and Shepherds Bush Housing Association to undertake a series of initial intrusive investigations on all the facades, walkways, roofs and terraces.

A report was then produced by Atlas Facades which highlighted multiple issues with the building which included a lack of fire breaks, combustible materials used within the facades, water ingress on all roof and terrace surfaces, and damage to residential apartments throughout the building. Working with our clients we produced a scope of works, and communicated with their design team to specify materials used.


Atlas Facades have engaged with their own design team to fully design the new facades which include, timber replacement to rockpannel, render removal and re-rendering, timber walkways and replacement with aluminium, cement board replacement with rockpannel and a complete new roof to the building using an IKO torched on felt system.


Great West Quarter

Client: A2Dominion and Notting Hill Association

Contract start date: 01/09/2021

Completion: 01/12/2022

Project Scope: Building refurbishment including full fire remediation

Contract value: £6 million

Project description: Arte have been instructed to undertake a highly sensitive and major recladding project in Brentford West London, where the collection of buildings owned by a range of house associations.

Atlas Facades have been working on six buildings for A2Dominion and Notting Hill, with each building standing over 18 metres and includes a mixture of different façade materials.

The elements of the facades that were removed and replaced were:
External Wall Render – completely stripped back to the CP board, with new Rockwool, Fire Breaks, and Render applied
Cedar timber cladding – removed cladding and insulation and provided a new insulation, fire breaks and rockpannel timber effect cladding
PPC Aluminium Feature Bands & Spandrel Panels – deglazed spandrel panels and replaced the insulation and fire breaks.
Corium Brick Slips & Grouting – removed brick slip system and installed firebreaks and replaced brick slips.


Atlas Facades have worked with the residents to inform and communicate the project progress from inception to completion. Using our in house resident liaison manager (RLO), Arte had a dedicated web site with in time project progress for residents to access. Our RLO used newsletters and visited residents to ensure communication through the project.


Prowse Court, Enfield

Client: Vistry

Contract start date


Project type: Remediation Works

Contract value: £1.2 million

Project Description:

The team completed fire remediation works to 88 existing balconies at Prowse Court. The scope included; the removal of existing cladding, insulation and sub frame, installation of new carrier rail framing, new fire breaks, new insulation and new non-combustible cladding to all 88 individual inset balconies and associated decking replacement.


Dalston Junction, East London

Client: Barratt East London

Contract start date


Project type: Cladding Replacement

Contract value: £11 million

Project Description:
A replacement of cladding on 14 of the residential blocks that sit above the Dalston main line station. The tallest is an 18-story residential block. A mix of timber, rain screen with K15 insulation and timber balcony elements are being replaced with compliant materials.


Works completed on this project included the removal of timber fin cladded elevations and replacement with terracotta cladding, replacement of existing rain screen cladding with new insulation, fire breaks and A2 rated cladding. We also installed fire breaks to the existing GRC cladding, utilising steel insertions. The team also replaced the decking to all open and winter garden balconies with new aluminium decking. Additionally, soffit and cladding replacements were made to the winter gardens.


University of East London

Client: Taylor Wimpey

Contract start date:


Project type: façade replacement

Contract value: £3.5 million

Project Description: A replacement of the full external façade of 3 residential blocks within a built-up estate. The façades are a mix of render, brick and spandrel panels. All decking from balconies and terraces are replaced with aluminium.

Arte has taken this project from an early stage and is currently working up the designs with the Fire Engineers to ensure a compliant EWS1 form is provided. We are working on a live building that impacts on car parking. A temporary car park requiring planning is currently being pursued.

We will be reverting to a direct applied render system in line with BBA certification (which is more superior compared to a cavity render system in terms of fire safety) on a building over 18m